An inspired app that embraces loving who you are and creating meaningful moments, in connection with others!

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"When we each love and live our authentic paths, when we each choose to give goodness every single day, when we each choose to understand others - we not only give ourselves a hug, but we affect people. We affect those closest to us and those we may never meet. We start a ripple effect of goodness - one of which we may never know the magnitude. We are powerful in being exactly who we are. WE change the world."

- With so much love,
the GoodOne team

Love Yourself

With the use of GoodOne, you will be inspired daily to think positively about the powerful YOU that you are. It takes loving yourself to believe that, YOU are enough.

Create Connection

GoodOne will offer suggested daily tasks to not only love ourselves, but to also connect with others. Join us to see in what small ways, we can connect and feel better daily.

Share Moments

At GoodOne, we want to inspire each individual's unique voice. Through a live feed, reflect in a safe space the ways in which you have grown and connected in your daily life, with others!

Feel Alive

We hope, that in loving who you are and connecting with others, you will spark moments of life in your days. Let GoodOne open your heart with daily ways to embrace feeling alive!



Receive inspiring quotes everyday.

Based in the research of positive psychology, when we foster positive character traits we feel better.


Take a personality test and GoodOne will suggest small Daily Do's to inspire you to be your best.

Start taking part in GoodOne today before the app is available. Click on the link to complete the suggested DO, share your own reflections and see what other people are doing!


Write, record and share reflections in a live online community after finishing a DO.

Learn from small activities and find the way to happiness and positive thinking.

GoodOne Team

Meaghan Cotter - Co-Founder

Meaghan Cotter is a newly graduated certified Family Nurse Practitioner who received her undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees from the University of Michigan, currently working as a pediatric home health nurse. Through all of her experiences as a nurse, and her own struggles with anxiety, Meaghan has always seen a need to address the subclinical anxiety and depression that affects so many on a daily basis. Passionate about helping young adults, Meaghan has always seen this time of transition and change as a critical time in life when making big decisions. She believes that if we can love ourselves through those decisions, and find small ways to put connection in our day, we will be more clearly guided down life's path with less anxiety, less sadness and more empowered awareness of ourselves and the world around us. Meaghan is extremely excited to inspire others to believe in their unique and beautiful strengths. When we believe in ourselves we can truly make the world a better place.

Elizabeth Cotter - Co-Founder

Beth Cotter received her BS in biology from the University of Notre Dame, completed her Master of Public Health with a focus in human nutrition from the University of Michigan, and is currently working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian. Beth has a passion for public health, preventive health and wellness. She is motivated by the fact that the awareness and treatment of mental health is becoming an important public health issue, and especially how mental health affects dietary behavior changes. Humbled by her travels around the world, Beth truly believes that everyone has a story to share and a value to contribute and is passionate about helping people to find their passion and tell their stories.

Ni Yan - Interaction Designer

Ni has a background of Journalism and Communication in Beijing Normal University, and she got a master degree in Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing at University of Michigan School of Information. Ni is always driven by her artistic nature and passion of creativity. With experience working in several tech startups and projects, she loves entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, team-working, rapid iterations, prototyping, and front-end developing. She is especially passionate in designing and developing mobile and web apps for education, games for good, healthcare and motion-sensing technologies.

Daniel Munoz - Lead Developer

Daniel received a Bachelor in Science Engineering from the Universidad Catolica Boliviana. He has an enormous passion for mobile app development and has worked for seven years as an talented app developer for health care companies around the world. Daniel cares deeply about using mobile technology to make the world a better place and is inspired by the words of Steve Jobs, "People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Luis Munoz - Developer

Luis received a degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Catolica Boliviana. After completing his final project, Luis became interested in the programming and development of mobile apps, and decided to take on this uncharted path. He believes that this is a great time to be learning and contributing to the field of mobile technology. He has a genuine passion for helping people to live happier and healthier lives and believes that mobile technology is the perfect way to accomplish that goal.



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